Savon de Marseille “Raw Bar”

After “cooking” the all-natural ingredients in huge cauldrons, we pour the paste into open pits where it hardens. Then, we measure and cut out big, 80-pound blocks. Those blocks are then put through wire cutters and stamped into cubes that are famous throughout the world.

But sometimes we take out some bars before the stamping part. These are the 1,600-gram “raw bars” — pure Savon de Marseille without the decoration. This is a huge amount of the best, most gentle soap on earth at an unbelievable price for a limited time. We then can lop into eight pieces for you or you can leave as a bar. When cut each cube measures approximately 2 inches on each side and weighs about 200 grams. Left whole the bar is about 18 x2 x2 inches.

** approximate weight and measurement


In the Middle Ages, big blocks of gentle soap were first crafted in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille with olive oil from local groves, marine ash and sea salted water. The quality of these soaps were immediately famous throughout Europe and in 1688 French law declared that only soaps made according to certain ancient methods could bear the important mark Savon de Marseille.

The most prized of all soaps in the world, our Savon de Marseille is still crafted by hand, in Marseille, just as it has been for hundreds of years.

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